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TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550)
TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) mid row
TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) chest press
TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) cable
TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) leg curl
TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) leg

TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550)

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TuffStuff's Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) combines popular functional training with a traditional arm press and leg station, offering the best of both worlds.  With six preset pulleys in three separate training zones (high, mid, and low), the hybrid home gym is fully adjustable, and it enables nearly unlimited functional resistance training exercises.

Key features include:

  • 2020 FIT PROF Head of the Class BEST HOME GYM
  • Space efficient forward-facing design
  • 6 preset pulleys in three separate training zones
  • Adjustable seat height and telescopic seat back pad adjustment
  • Combination seated leg extension/ seated leg curl station
  • Unique cable ratio for enhanced cable travel
  • Unique “Radius” frame design
  • 200 lbs center-drilled steel weight stack
  • Full length protective steel weight shields
  • Home Lifetime Warranty*  and Light Commercial Warranty


TuffStuff Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550)

SXT-550 Options:

Add Leg Press Attachment (SXT-LP).

TuffStuff's optional leg press attachment (SXT-LP) includes a custom convex footplate to ensure neutral ankle and knee alignment during exercise.  With a 2:1 ratio, TuffStuff's commercial-grade leg press attachment provides up to 400 lbs of weight resistance. (MSRP: $2,329) on sale now.


About TuffStuff Fitness International

TuffStuff Fitness International

Since 1971 TuffStuff Fitness International has focused on one thing, the design and development of premium strength equipment.

Over the last five decades, TuffStuff has manufactured the highest quality strength equipment and set the industry standards against which all other equipment is measured.  TuffStuff’s craftsmanship is recognized worldwide, and their products are sold across the United States, Canada, Mexico and in more than thirty other countries.

Today TuffStuff is the only fitness company in the United States with a full-service manufacturing facility, capable of producing every product they sell.  Every design and engineering process begins in Chino, California – from concepts to prototypes, testings and design refinements.  As a result, TuffStuff has greater flexibility to customize products, faster turn around times, and maintains a higher level of quality control than competitors.

TuffStuff's light commercial strength equipment is built to the same exacting standards as their full commercial-grade products, with 11-gauge tubular steel, inert-gas MIG welded construction, and certified USA-made cables.  Whether you are looking for a complete multi-gym, or you just need a single equipment station that will stand the test of time, with TuffStuff you will receive unmatched product quality and exceptional support.