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TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym
TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym AP-71LE
TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym AP71-LP
TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym AP-71HL
TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym AP-71MP

TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym

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For nearly three decades, the TuffStuff Apollo Series has set the industry standard against which all other multi-stack gym systems are measured.  The modular design offers versatility, allowing you to customize the station configuration that best suits your needs.  With features as legendary as its name, and improved technology and materials, the Apollo 7000 Series is the ideal multi-stack gym for your home gym or light commercial fitness facility.TuffStuff Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym

Apollo 7300 Key Features:

TuffStuff’s Apollo 7300 3-Station Multi Gym (AP-7300) is an extremely versatile three-station multi gym system, with three independent 200 lbs. steel weight stacks.  The 3-stack system allows for full customization of station positioning, ideal for apartment complexes, recreation centers, personal training studios, and homes that require the very best.
  • Modular versatility allows custom station positioning
  • Over 50 different exercise options available
  • Compact footprint helps to conserve space
  • Allows multiple simultaneous users
  • Three independent 200 lbs. steel weight stacks
  • Home Lifetime Warranty* and Light Commercial Warranty
TuffStuff Apollo 7300 Multi Stack Gym Configurations

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Apollo 7300 Stations (Choose 3 Stations):

TuffStuff Apollo Multi Press (AP-71MP)

The Apollo 7000 Multi Press (AP-71MP) includes a combined multi press/row station, lat pulldown station, mid pulley and low pulley positions, all in one machine.  Crafted from inert-gas MIG welding, premium grade naugahyde upholstery, military-spec nylon coated cables, and solid steel weight plates (200 lbs) with self aligning low friction sleeves.  The Apollo 7000 Multi Press is designed for light commercial use, and an ideal choice for apartment complexes, hotels, personal training studios, and home gyms that require the best.

  • Includes multi-press/row station, lat pulldown station, mid-pulley and low pulley positions
  • 7-position adjustable press bar
  • Adjustable back pad for custom range of motion settings
  • Ratchet-style adjustable seat pad
  • 360-degree swivel, multi directional low pulley station
  • Solid steel 200 lbs weight stack with low friction sleeves


The Apollo 7000 High / Low Pulley Station (AP-71HL) continues this legacy with virtually unlimited cable exercise potential.  Perform standing rows, core rotations, lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, and more with the AP-71HL.

  • Multi-purpose High/Low pulley station offers virtually unlimited cable exercise potential
  • Counter-balanced roller style pulley carriage offers single hand adjustability
  • Dual handle pulley carriage allows bilateral and unilateral movements
  • Solid steel 200 lbs. weight stack with low friction sleeves
  • 1/4 resistance ratio provides smooth function


TuffStuff Apollo Leg Press Station at Fitness Gallery

The Apollo 7000 Leg Press (AP-71LP) offers an adjustable 6-position ergonomic seat carriage and custom convex footplate.  The Apollo Leg Press provides neutral ankle and knee alignment during exercise.  The 200 lbs steel weight stack has a 2:1 ratio which provides 400 lbs of weight resistance.

  • Adjustable 6-position ergonomic seat and back pad for easy access
  • Commercial seat carriage utilizes 2″ polyurethane rollers for smooth and precise motion
  • Custom convex footplate provides neutral ankle and knee alignment
  • Dual 2″ diameter hard chrome seat rails ensure solid reliable performance
  • 200 lbs. steel weight stack with custom 2:1 ratio provides 400 lbs of weight resistance


TuffStuff Apollo Leg Extension / Curl

The Apollo 7000 Leg Extension / Curl Station (AP-71LE) includes a 6-position adjustable leg hold down.  With a multi position back pad and bio-mechanically correct seat, the Apollo 7000 Leg Extension / Curl Station provides maximum ergonomic support. 

  • 6-position adjustable leg hold-down accommodates various size users
  • Custom cam design ensures proper strength curve through entire range of motion
  • Multi position back pad and bio-mechanical seat angle provide ergonomic support
  • High density padding and naugahyde with two-tone double-stitched upholstery
  • 200 lbs steel weight stack


TuffStuff's Apollo 7000 stations are also Sold Individually, and may be used as stand-alone stations with the addition of the Apollo Rear Post (AP-70RP).


About TuffStuff Fitness International

TuffStuff Fitness International

Since 1971 TuffStuff Fitness International has focused on one thing, the design and development of premium strength equipment.

Over the last five decades, TuffStuff has manufactured the highest quality strength equipment and set the industry standards against which all other equipment is measured.  TuffStuff’s craftsmanship is recognized worldwide, and their products are sold across the United States, Canada, Mexico and in more than thirty other countries.

Today TuffStuff is the only fitness company in the United States with a full-service manufacturing facility, capable of producing every product they sell.  Every design and engineering process begins in Chino, California – from concepts to prototypes, testings and design refinements.  As a result, TuffStuff has greater flexibility to customize products, faster turn around times, and maintains a higher level of quality control than competitors.

TuffStuff's light commercial strength equipment is built to the same exacting standards as their full commercial-grade products, with 11-gauge tubular steel, inert-gas MIG welded construction, and certified USA-made cables.  Whether you are looking for a complete multi-gym, or you just need a single equipment station that will stand the test of time, with TuffStuff you will receive unmatched product quality and exceptional support.