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TRUE Performance 3000 Treadmill at Fitness Gallery
TRUE Performance 3000 Treadmill at Fitness Gallery
The new Performance Series treadmills from TRUE Fitness now available at Fitness Gallery
The NEW TRUE® Fitness Performance 3000 Treadmill is suited for users of all fitness levels.
Key features of the new TRUE Performance 3000 Treadmill - Shop Fitness Gallery
TRUE 8.5" LCD Treadmill Console Display at Fitness Gallery
TRUE 9" Touchscreen Treadmill Console Display at Fitness Gallery
TRUE 8.5" LCD Treadmill Console Display at Fitness Gallery
TRUE Fitness Performance 3000 Treadmill *NEW*

TRUE Fitness Performance 3000 Treadmill *NEW*

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The NEW TRUE® Fitness Performance 3000 Treadmill is suited for users of all fitness levels.  The Performance 3000 combines smooth, quiet quality with steadfast durability. The data feedback and challenging programs motivate any user to work towards their health and fitness solutions.

  • TRUE Soft System® decreases impact and stress on your joints
  • Orthopedic belt for additional reduced impact on joints and knees
  • HRC® Cruise Control gradually adjusts speed and incline to maintain a constant target heart rate throughout your workout
  • Track your workouts using the GymTrakr App
  • Challenging Workout Programs for any fitness level
  • Frame Warranty: lifetime; Motor: 25 years; Parts: 7 years; Labor: 1 year
  • Bluetooth® and Polar Heart Rate Compatible
  • Includes Heart Rate Strap
  • Console: 8.5″ LCD Display or 9" Touchscreen


    TRUE Performance 3000 Treadmill

    Your Fitness Experience

    All of TRUE Fitness’s Performance Treadmills are constructed with commercial-grade materials and the finest components, so each piece of equipment feels and functions like a commercial machine. Performance 3000 users will notice the polished design of the treadmill’s easy-to-use consoles. Designed with your safety in mind, the Performance 3000 has TRUE’s patented safety clip, which is easily accessible at any given moment, as the extended handrails provide stability when needed.

    Your Body Will Thank You

    The TRUE Fitness Performance 3000 treadmill offers a smooth experience on one of the most comfortable running surfaces in the industry. This treadmill features TRUE Soft System® for the ultimate reduction of impact on the joints and knees.  You will instantly notice increased comfort in each stride, leaving you more motivated for your next workout.

    Maximize Your Workouts

    The Performance 3000 includes the latest in app tracking technology to allow users to manage their workout data with the GymTrakr App, run around the world with Zwift technology, and monitor their heart rate with TRUE HRC Heart Rate Cruise Control™. TRUE HRC allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered, one touch TRUE HRC Cruise Control™ will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your target heart rate, just like the Cruise Control in your car. Users can also track their heart rate through the wireless Polar® Heart Rate strap, which is included.

    TRUE Performance 3000 Treadmill at Fitness Gallery


    Console Display:

    TRUE Fitness 9 inch touchscreen console display


    • 9” HD Touchscreen
    • User-friendly tabs, connectivity, and built in workouts
    • Up to 6 user profiles
    • Additional Built-in workouts like Leg Shaper, Target HRC, and Rolling Hills


    8.5″ LCD DISPLAY

    • TRUE 8.5" LCD Treadmill Console Display
      8.5″ LCD console display
    • Quick keys, connectivity, and challenging programs
    • Up to 4 user profiles
    • Includes programs like Hill Intervals, Speed Ramp, 5K and 10K training


    All of TRUE’s Performance Treadmills are manufactured with commercial-grade materials and quality components ensuring each treadmill feels and functions properly for years to come. Add the Performance 3000 treadmill to your home gym today!


    Heart Rate Controlled Workouts

    TRUE HRC Heart Rate Control - Shop Fitness GalleryTRUE's Performance 3000 Treadmill comes equipped with a digital contact heart rate monitoring system as well as a Polar® wireless telemetry system to assist users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and maximizing workout results.

    The Performance 3000 includes TRUE’s Heart Rate Control (HRC®) System, and patented one touch HRC® Cruise Control to “lock in” on a specific target heart rate.  HRC Cruise Control automatically makes gradual adjustments to speed and incline throughout the duration of the workout to keep the user within a few beats of their target heart rate.  

    Learn More: Performance 3000 Treadmill Spec Sheet >

    View Owner’s Manual >


    About TRUE Fitness

    TRUE Fitness Equipment - Available at Fitness Gallery

    Since 1981, TRUE has remained dedicated to building premium fitness equipment with integrity.

    Of course, that integrity applies to the high-quality, long-lasting materials TRUE uses to build machines, but it also extends to their dedication to customers and their needs.

    Today TRUE remains the only treadmill manufacturer to stand behind their home treadmills with comprehensive warranties that cover the motor for 30 years, and the frame for life. TRUE's innovative and dependable treadmills are consistently recognized by Consumer Reports, Treadmill Doctor and Runner's World as "some of the best treadmills you can buy". 

    Over the last four decades, TRUE has continuously refined their premium treadmill line up [enhancing machine quietness and stability, offering variable deck cushioning, orthopedic belts, Heart Rate Control, and innovative workout programs and consoles].  Comfortable, reliable and easy-to-use, a TRUE treadmill will outlast even your most demanding workouts.