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Stages SC1 Indoor Bike - Shop Fitness Gallery
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike - Spin Bikes - Shop Fitness Gallery
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike handle - Shop Fitness Gallery
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike adjustments
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike console
Stages Cycling Power Meter - Shop Spin Bikes at Fitness Gallery
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike belt
Stages SC1 Indoor Bike bottom
Stages SC3 Indoor Bike w/ power meter

Stages SC1 Indoor Bike

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Boasting a solid steel frame with a focus on stability, the Stages SC1 Indoor Bike is designed to emulate the noticeably smoother feel of freshly cured asphalt that every cyclist yearns for.  Ergonomically built and engineered for simplicity and function.  The SC1 is Stages' entry level bike, but still offers premium features, and is the perfect bike for the high end studio that is not focusing on data tracking or measurement.

Key features include:

  • Stages Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belt backed by Stages’ 10-year warranty
  • Easy to use fore aft adjustments to get the perfect bike fit
  • 5:1 gear ratio
  • Resistance System - Magnetic Eddy current with micro-adjust resistance dial, emergency push to-stop
  • Flywheel - High-inertia, cast iron perimeter weighted
  • Pedals - SPD & toe cage
  • Maintenance - none of the lubrication, maintenance, or replacement costs of a chain or poly-v drive are required
  • Rider Fit Range - 4’ 10” (147cm) to 6’ 10” (208cm)
  • Optional: Stages Console shows Max, Average and Ride totals for the following metrics: Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate (if wearing a strap), Time, and Distance  *The Stages Console requires the Stages Power Meter in order to function. Add the Stages Power Meter and Console MSRP $699.

Console Display

Stages ANT+ Spin Bike Console

Stages Bluetooth / ANT+ Console is available for Stages SC1 & SC2 bikes as an optional add-on.  Designed for use with Stages Power meter for the SC bikes, it provides secure and consistent communication between the console, the power meter and a wide range of heart rate monitors.

  • Rider sees Max, Average and Ride totals for the following metrics: Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate (if wearing a strap), Time, and Distance
  • USB data capture: useful for comparing efforts, the rider gets stage, current, and average data, which is very powerful info for training efficiently and effectively
  • The STAGE button allows for up to 99 sections of time (laps). Data does not start to record or average during WARMUP stage (so total ride data is not skewed with poor warmup data)

Stages Power Meter 

Stages Power Meter - Spin Bikes - Shop Fitness Gallery

Stages Power Meter is designed and assembled in Boulder, CO.  The benchmark in honest and accurate direct power measurement for indoor cycling. Learn More >


    About Stages Cycling

    Stages Cycling

    In 2012, the Stages Cycling brand launched with the release of its uniquely designed power meter for outdoor bikes. The Boulder, Colorado facility houses a full production line that builds power meters and outfits alloy and most recently carbon crank arms with the meters. The Stages brand's global reach is fueled by its partnership with several world champion cycling teams and professional cyclists, including Team USA and 4-time Tour de France winner Team Sky. Stages Cycling products currently sell in more than 50 countries with a presence in over 5000 bike shops globally.