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Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree
Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree
Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree
Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree
Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree

Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree

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The Hoist HF-5962 Fitness Tree allows you to perform multiple variations of pull ups, knee raises, dips & push ups with one tower.  If you're after the elusive six-pack abs, adding the vertical knee raise (VKR) can help you along your way.  You can use it as part of a core workout or total body workout. 

Use your own body weight to sculpt your abs, chest, back and arms.  The unique design of Hoist's HF-5962 includes a back pad support that can be removed and placed lower on the frame to support ab crunches.  All exercises are conveniently performed from the front of the Fitness Tree.  The wide base ensures stability and the coated, non-slip handles provide a comfortable grip.  


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HF-5962 Key Features

  • Perform multiple exercises such as dips, knee raise, chin ups, hanging leg raise, sit ups, and push ups
  • Angled arm rests for comfort and accurate body positioning
  • Dual purpose back pad attaches for both vertical knee raise and sit up exercise positions
  • Dual purpose low handles for footstep and push up exercise positions
  • Flared feet on base for stability
  • Maximum weight 400 lbs

HF-5962 Specs:

  • Product Width: 44.25" (112.5 cm)
  • Product Height: 83.25" (211.5 cm)
  • Product Length: 44.00" (112 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

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